What is $GGG ?

The Genesis Gamers Guild Token ($GGG) serves as the native utility and governance token, designed to incentivize and reward activities that bolster the Web3Games ecosystem. It acts as the fundamental resource of the Genesis Gamers Guild, empowering NFTs to transition from mere concepts to productive, yield-generating assets.

As the primary and governance token of the Genesis Gamers Guild, $GGG offers several critical utilities:

NFT Empowerment

  • $GGG energizes NFTs, transforming them into valuable assets capable of generating yields.

Payment Currency

  • $GGG is the lifeblood of the Genesis Gamers Guild ecosystem, functioning as the universal currency for all interactions. It facilitates acquiring game assets, paying fees, accessing development toolkits, and potentially deploying rollup chains in the future.

Native Gas Fee

  • Unlike other Layer-2 Networks, $GGG serves as the primary currency for gas fees on the Genesis Layer2 Blockchain, enabling seamless transactions and smart contract interactions within fully on-chain games. Players can earn $GGG through gameplay, mining, and participation in the Genesis L2 and Genesis Gaming Ecosystem.

Staking Rewards

  • A portion of transaction fees, denominated in $GGG, is allocated to the staking reward pool. Holders can stake $GGG tokens and, upon meeting eligibility criteria, earn passive rewards from this pool.

Network Governance

  • $GGG provides holders with voting rights within the network ecosystem, enabling participation in on-chain governance proposals that shape the network's development and trajectory.

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