Genesis Layer2 Blockchain

Genesis Layer2 Blockchain is a gaming chain that allows game developers to introduce customised digital ownership and Web3 mechanics in their games.

Genesis Layer2 Blockchain represents an EVM zk-rollup (L2) architecture, developed as a fork of Geth, Ethereum's widely adopted and mature execution client. Functioning as a single sequencer chain, Genesis Layer2 Blockchain features a PoS-based general message passing bridge, facilitating cross-chain communication with numerous other chains.

This blockchain offers developers a cost-efficient platform for launching their on-chain games, alongside abstracted wallet management solutions for users. Our objective is to construct a fully decentralized ecosystem underpinned by robust blockchain security, ensuring equitable gameplay and user ownership.

Addressing gas and congestion concerns, Genesis Layer2 Blockchain has integrated EIP-1559 as a congestion mechanism to deter spam and introduce a deterministic gas pricing algorithm. Gas fees are anticipated to be significantly lower compared to Ethereum, with $GGG serving as the native gas token on Genesis Layer2 Blockchain.

Distinctive Attributes of Genesis L2

Ultra-Cost-Effective Network

Genesis Layer2 Blockchain operates as an EVM-compatible zk-Rollup, boasting significantly reduced gas fees compared to Layer 1 (L1).

Tailored Contract Features

At the core of our blockchain network lies a sophisticated smart contract framework meticulously designed for gaming applications, complete with an abstracted wallet delegation system. Game developers can take advantage of pre-designed templates and customizable smart contracts to craft immersive and distinctive gameplay experiences.

Ready Infrastructure

Genesis Layer2 Blockchain seamlessly integrates established tools (Bridge, Block Explorer, Swap, GamingPad) from Genesis Gamers Guild, facilitating the swift migration of the ecosystem and enabling frictionless trading of on-chain gaming assets.

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