Asset Rental Platform

Genesis Gamers Guild offers a worldwide platform for players to list and acquire assets (NFTs) required for playing crypto games. We envision crypto gaming to be accessible, cost-effective, and enjoyable for all. Our mission is realized by removing the financial and technical obstacles of crypto gaming.

What is the GGG Asset Rental Platform?

It's a multi-chain NFT rental protocol and platform that can be seamlessly integrated into any project to facilitate collateral-free in-house renting, lending, and reward sharing. NFT rentals have various use cases, mirroring real-world rental scenarios. Presently, NFT rentals are gaining momentum in the gaming industry, while also finding popularity in token-gated events and communities.

Asset Rental Availability

  • League of Kingdoms

  • Fabwelt

  • Kiraverse

  • Animalia

  • Undeadblocks

  • Sunflowerland

  • Townstar

  • Defi Kingdoms

  • Sandbox

  • Cross the Ages

  • Gods Unchained

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