Genesis Gamers Arena

Experience playing, collecting, trading, competing, and discovering your next favorite games on the GGG platform.

At the Genesis Gamers Guild platform, gaming enthusiasts find their ultimate destination. Serving as an asset marketplace, a hub for game discovery and distribution, a venue for tournaments and events, and beyond, GGG brings together all the elements that players and game developers crave in one comprehensive platform.

For Players:

  • Engage in playing and exploring new favorite games on GGG.

  • Participate in collecting and trading game assets and digital collectibles via our marketplace, utilizing GGG and BNB.

  • Earn badges by actively gaming, collecting assets, and competing in tournaments and events.

  • Create and establish your player identity within the Genesis Gaming ecosystem.

  • Showcase your accomplishments, prized assets, and favorite games on your profile.

  • Access games rental services on GGG, allowing users to rent famous in-game assets like those from Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and more.

For Games:

  • Utilize GGG as a catalyst for your game's distribution and discovery through dedicated game and collection pages.

  • List your game's assets and NFT collections on the platform's integrated marketplace for trading.

  • Connect with players through collaborative events and tournaments.

  • Access GGG's game developer tools and infrastructure via its marketplace, AMM, "Proof of Play" features (achievements, quests), and more forthcoming features.

For Creators:

  • Enroll in the GGG Create program to earn an exclusive badge collectible.

  • Explore opportunities for exclusive streaming and video features on the Treasure platform.

For Developers:

  • Participate in and develop your own games, deploy games, and NFTs using the kits provided by GGG.

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