Public Roadmap

In order to enhance transparency regarding the efforts of the core contributor team for the advancement of the GGG ecosystem, a detailed public roadmap has been created and will be consistently updated. The public roadmap endeavors to achieve a harmonious blend of transparency, innovation, and practicality. By sharing this publicly, our goal is to empower the GGG community to make well-informed decisions, thereby bolstering support and contribution to the network, while also retaining a competitive edge and the capacity to pleasantly surprise our community.

Phase 1: Foundation (Q1-Q2)

  • Launch Genesis Gamers Guild platform with basic features and games.

  • Secure initial partnerships with game developers and brands.

  • Implement staking mechanism for GGG token holders.

  • $GGG Presale On Pinksale Platform

  • Establish liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges.

Phase 2: Expansion (Q3-Q4)

  • Introduce more games to the platform, including third-party titles.

  • Enhance user experience and interface based on community feedback.

  • Launch marketing campaigns to increase platform awareness and user adoption.

  • Expand partnerships with gaming communities and influencers.

  • Introduce staking rewards to incentivize token holders.

  • Begin development of cross-chain compatibility for GGG token.

Phase 3: Growth (Q1-Q2)

  • Implement advanced gaming features such as tournaments and challenges.

  • Introduce NFT marketplace for in-game assets and collectibles.

  • Expand ecosystem through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

  • Launch mobile app for Genesis Gamers Guild platform.

  • Implement governance mechanisms for token holders.

  • Launch GGG token on additional exchanges for increased liquidity.

Phase 4: Maturity (Q3-Q4)

  • Achieve widespread adoption of Genesis Gamers Guild platform.

  • Continuously add new games and features to keep users engaged.

  • Expand into new markets and regions to reach a global audience.

  • Partner with major brands and franchises to bring exclusive content to the platform.

  • Launch cross-chain compatibility for GGG token to increase accessibility.

  • Explore opportunities for decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance model.

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